An x-ray is a common imaging test that has been used by medical professionals for decades. It is a noninvasive test that produces images of the bones and other structures inside the body. X-rays allow doctors to see inside the body without having to make an incision, helping them diagnose, treat, and monitor various medical conditions.

“X-ray is a noninvasive test that produces images of the bones and other structures inside the body.”


X-rays are commonly used to diagnose or examine problems with bones and joints. They can also be used to help locate foreign objects in the body (e.g., something that has been accidentally swallowed) or to look at the lungs for signs of infection. Dr. Romeo may order an x-ray for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Examining a part of your body where you’re experiencing discomfort or pain e.g., shoulder arthritis
  • Evaluating the results of a procedure or treatment e.g., checking the placement of pins or screws
  • Assessing and diagnosing injuries e.g., shoulder, clavicle, or elbow dislocations and fractures

X-rays are often one of the first imaging tests done and can provide initial results while waiting for more detailed imaging tests like ultrasound, CT, or MRI scans.

How an x-ray is performed

X-rays are performed by an x-ray technologist or radiologist. The medical professional performing the test will help you prepare. They will give you instructions on how to position your body so that the x-ray will be able to create clear images. You may be asked to sit, stand, or lie in various positions during the test. This allows x-rays of the same body part to be taken from different angles. It’s important to stay as still as possible while the images are being taken to prevent blurriness. 

During the test, you will stand, sit, or lie down while a digital device scans across the part of your body being tested. The machine will emit a small amount of radiation that passes through your body. This radiation is captured by a special device that produces images of your internal body structures. The test is quick and painless and is finished as soon as the radiologist is satisfied with the images that have been gathered.

“The dose of radiation used during an x-ray is considered to be safe for most adults.”


Are x-ray examinations safe?

Many people have concerns regarding the radiation used during x-ray examinations and whether it is safe. However, there is generally no need to worry, as the dose of radiation used during an x-ray is small and considered to be safe for most adults. It’s important to tell your doctor if you are pregnant or think you are pregnant, however, as the radiation is not safe for unborn babies. Of course, any time a person is exposed to radiation, there is a small increase in the chance that the person might develop cancer later in life. For this reason, it’s important to limit the number of x-rays you receive during your life, if possible.

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